CPEC Services:

  • Thousand Of Patients Seen
    Well recognized as an invaluable regulatory resource, the industry has relied on our expertise.
  • 24/7 Verification Services
    We offer patients 24/7 law enforcement verification should they be approached by authorities while in possession of marijuana.
  • Experienced Medical Staff
    All CPEC doctors are licensed and have extensive backgrounds in cannabinoid medicine.
  • Attorney Protection Program
    Our Attorney protection Program helps patients Feel at ease if they need legal assistance.
  • Professional Paperwork
    Our detailed paperwork gets our patients their cards faster than any other clinic.
  • Convenient Location
    Our clinic is located in Tempe, AZ just a few blocks from major intersections.
  • Emotional Animal Support
    This letter can be used for pets to be allowed in apartment complexes and on airlines.
  • Handicap Placard
  • Disability Letter
  • Sick Notes/Employer Notes
    This letter states that cannabis does not interfere with their ability to work.
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Toll Free: 800-496-3024
Local: 480-777-5945

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